Indigenous Seafood Supply Conference

25janAll Day26Indigenous Seafood Supply Conference

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This conference will provide an opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing between primary stakeholders in the local seafood industry: Harvesters & Buyers.

This will promote a sustainable seafood industry that benefits indigenous communities, seafood buyers, and the environment.

This event is for seafood harvesters and buyers alike. You will foster industry connections, share your expertise, empower each other with improved access to seafood, and promote sustainability.

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January 25, 2024 - January 26, 2024 (All Day)(GMT-07:00)


Tigh-na-mara Resort

1155 Resort Drive

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Speakers for this event

  • Alli Cheng

    Alli Cheng

    Grant Thornton

  • Charlie Cootes

    Charlie Cootes

    NEDC Board Chair

  • Craig Fisztner

    Craig Fisztner

  • Dave Moore

    Dave Moore

  • Denise Martineau

    Denise Martineau


  • Fiona MacRaild

    Fiona MacRaild

    Native Fishing Association

  • Katrin Harry

    Katrin Harry

    ABM Facilitator

    Advanced Business Match

    ABM Facilitator

  • Lance Dodding

    Lance Dodding

  • Lauren Dean

    Lauren Dean


    Ha'oom Fisheries Society


  • Leona Humchitt

    Leona Humchitt

  • Pete Wideski

    Pete Wideski

  • Saul Milne

    Saul Milne


    Ha'oom Fisheries Society


  • Stephen Dennis

    Stephen Dennis

    NAAS Foods Inc

  • Tara Benham

    Tara Benham

    Grant Thornton

  • Trent Sparrow

    Trent Sparrow

  • Vishal Dewli

    Vishal Dewli


    • Day 1
    • Day 2
    • January 25, 2024
    • 7:30am Registration & Breakfast7:30am- 9:00am
    • 9:00am Opening Ceremonies9:00am- 9:30am
      Speakers: Charlie Cootes, Saul Milne
    • 9:30am Keynote: Why Access to Local Seafood is Important9:30am- 10:00am
      Speakers: Stephen Dennis
    • 10:0am Break10:0am- 10:15am
    • 10:15am Panel: Harvesters & the creative ways they sell their catch10:15am- 11:00am
      Speakers: Fiona MacRaild, Leona Humchitt, Pete Wideski, Trent Sparrow
    • 11:00am Breakout: Successes & Challenges of Buying/Selling Seafood Locally11:00am- 12:00pm
      Speakers: Lauren Dean, Saul Milne
    • 12:00pm Seafood Lunch12:00pm- 12:45pm
    • 12:45pm Keynote: Access to Local Seafood & Building Successful Partnerships12:45pm- 1:15pm
      Speakers: Lance Dodding, Vishal Dewli
    • 1:15pm Plenary: Themes & Group Discussion1:15pm- 1:25pm
      Speakers: Lauren Dean, Saul Milne
    • 1:25pm Breakout: Opportunities & Threats of Buying/Selling Seafood Locally1:25pm- 2:15pm
      Speakers: Lauren Dean, Saul Milne
    • 2:15pm Break2:15pm- 2:30pm
    • 2:30pm Plenary: Themes & Group Discussion2:30pm- 2:40pm
      Speakers: Lauren Dean, Saul Milne
    • 2:40pm Networking w/ABM2:40pm- 4:00pm
      Speakers: Katrin Harry
    • 4:00pm Break4:00pm- 6:00pm
    • 6:00pm Dinner6:00pm- 8:00pm
    • January 26, 2024
    • 8:00am Breakfast & Networking8:00am- 9:00am
    • 9:00am Welcome9:00am- 9:15am
      Speakers: Lauren Dean, Saul Milne
    • 9:15am Keynote: Taxation of Fishing Income9:15am- 9:45am
      Speakers: Alli Cheng, Tara Benham
    • 9:45am Q&A: Seafood Quality & Challenges9:45am- 10:30am
      Speakers: Craig Fisztner, Fiona MacRaild
    • 10:30am Break10:30am- 10:45am
    • 10:45am Available Supports - NEDC, NFA, HFS10:45am- 11:15am
      Speakers: Denise Martineau, Fiona MacRaild, Lauren Dean
    • 11:15am Keynote: Supply Chain Network & Local Branding Success11:15am- 11:45pm
      Speakers: Dave Moore
    • 11:45am Plenary: Themes & Group Discussion11:45am- 12:00pm
      Speakers: Lauren Dean, Saul Milne
    • 12:00pm Lunch12:00pm- 1:00pm
    • 1:00pm Networking w/ABM1:00pm- 2:40pm
      Speakers: Katrin Harry
    • 2:40pm Closing Remarks2:40pm- 3:00pm
      Speakers: Charlie Cootes, Saul Milne

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