Welcome to the Indigenous Women’s Entrepreneurs (IWE) Program! We are excited to offer targeted Micro-loans, non-repayable contribution (when available), workshops, and one-on-one supports for Indigenous Women owned businesses. 

This program is part of a nation-wide program being delivered by Aboriginal Capital Corporations (ACCs) across the country. Funding is being provided by Indigenous Services Canada (ISC). NEDC will be following the program requirements provided by NACCA. 

Please contact the IWE Business Services Officer for questions, support or just to have a chat. We are here to support you at any stage of business! Call or email us to explore your ideas, find resources, help with financials, or for anything that comes to mind. 

Meet Your

IWE Business Support Officer

Serena Mayer

Call or Text: 250-735-3733
Office: 250-724-3131
Email: serena@nedc.info


  • Call to explore your business ideas, dreams and goals; 
  • Offer support when you’re not sure what the next step is; 
  • Assist with business planning, application forms or other paperwork; 
  • Information about Workshops & Resources; 
  • Support with the Loan application process; 
  • Referral to other resources and supports. 


The IWE Micro-loan and Contribution is available to individuals, businesses, and corporations that are majority owned by Indigenous women. This program provides micro-loans up to $20,000 plus a non-repayable contribution (when available). More funds available for qualifying projects.

  • Up to $20,000 repayable loan (NEDC has other loan funds if you need more!) 
  • Non-repayable contribution (kind of like a grant) available with each loan 
  • Minimum 5% client equity;
  • up to 60-month term;
  • clients can repay loans early without any penalty. 

 Call, text or email Serena if you have any questions > 250-735-3733 or serena@nedc.info





Learn  business skills from expert, and  hear amazing stories of experience from women who run their own business.  

  • Contact the BSO with your workshops requests 
  • Topics include Marketing, Finance, business planning, funding sources, and more. 
  • Sign up with NEDC IWE for exclusive access to upcoming workshops 
  • Travel and child care support available upon request 





A dedicated Business Support Officer (BSO) is available through the IWE Program for your assistance on anything and everything business. If you need an appointment outside of regular business hours we are happy to accommodate.  

Call us to talk about your ideas or to seek inspiration! Our BSO is happy to support your business journey.  

We can provide one-on-one assistance with business planning, and refer to additional resources when needed.  

This support is customizable to you (and your business) at all stages. We look forward to hearing how we can support!