Walters Cove Resort

Walters Cove Resort is a sports fishing resort located on the west side of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Up until 2014, Walters Cove Resort was under the ownership of West Coast Resorts, but then it was purchased by the Kyuquot Checleset First Nations.

The resort is known for its luxurious setting, hospitality, and high-intensity fishing. Walters Cove Resort is a remote location and Jane, the office manager says that’s why people like to come to the resort. The resort is on its own remote island off the coast of Vancouver Island which adds to its secluded vibe the customers get out of the experience when they stay as a guest at the resort.

“Service, great product, and the lodge itself is five stars,” Jane said.

There is great fishing and the staff of the resort is very service orientated, but once again the remoteness of the location adds to value of one’s experience.

The service customer’s receive from the resort makes them feel, “top notch,” Jane said.

Walters Cove is a remote destination, only accessible by boat or seaplane. Every year, guests come from all around the globe to fish and experience this coastal paradise. Those who live on the west coast, and Vancouver Island, know the paradise that many get to call home.

The resort’s core values are to ensure that their guests have a wonderful experience. Due to the location, the resort sees a lot of fishermen, so they do what they can to entertain the fisherman that come back year after year to the novice fishermen who need seasoning. Fishing is one of the commodities that draws visitors to the resort. Overall, their core values are ensuring a memorable and enriched guest experience.

The resort, moving forward, aims to engage in more tours around the area that do not just involve fishing. With the permission of the Kyuquot Checleset First Nations, the resort would also like to involve the guest that stay in the culture of the Kyuquot Checleset First Nations.

Tours that would show guests the true beauty that surrounds the Kyuquot Sound area. They’d also like to get into the market of ecotourism and acquire a few more boats to expand their fleet.

The Kyuqout Sound consists of hundreds of islands, inlets, vast stretches of uninhabited coastline and a diverse population of wildlife. The region contains some of the most beautiful and pristine rainforests in the world.

To the northwest of Kyuquot Sound is Checleset Bay. To the east is the steep Vancouver Island mountain range, with peaks of over 1500 meters. The Kyuquot and Checleset territories are accessible only by air and water. So, people who venture to this area really commit to the adventure that they’re embarking on.

The community of the Kyuquot profoundly shares Brooks Peninsula Provincial Park, Checleset Bay Ecological Reserve, Tahsish-Kwois Provincial Park, Tahsish River Ecological Reserve, Dixie Cove Provincial Park and Rugged Point Marine Park with their visitors.

What’s special about the resort being where it’s at now?

“It’s somewhat untouched and it’s remote. You feel like you’re in a different part of the world. It’s got a real serene quality to it.” Jane said.

As the office manager, the passion of bringing joy to a person’s stay, through many years in the hospitality industry, is what motivates Jane to come to work every day.

“I enjoy different walks of life and meeting and talking with different people,” Jane said.

Is there something everybody should know about Walters Cove Resort?

“The beauty of the surroundings. Unless you’re there you wouldn’t know it. It’s just the beauty and the peace and the remoteness.” Jane said.

If one is seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life, perhaps they should consider hopping aboard a seaplane, or boat, and plunge into the crisp waters of the Kyuquot Sound for some R&R or some quality fishing.