NEDC’s Best Services Business 2018 GOES TO:

Promontory Hummingbird Childcare Centre

Taras and Lorena Atleo own and operate Promontory Hummingbird Childcare.  As the couple shares a passion for child care and development, the business is a good match for their skills and passion.

Taras, a member of the Ahousaht First Nation, and Lorena Atleo, from Chille

In fact, Hummingbird considers themselves “an essential service to give parents peace of mind.”  Firstly, the daycare is government licensed facility run by qualified professionals. And, as the Atleos run their business as a family business, the team shares the owners passion for nurturing development and wellness in children.

Secondly, their screen-free environment encourages exploration and connection.  So their motto of “Learning through Play” is perfect for the Centre.

And lastly, but definitely not least, parents benefit from convenience as the daycare cares for infant to school age children.  Notably, by dropping off and picking up their infants and school aged children in one place, the family bond remains strong and healthy.

After all their experiences, Taras and Lorena offer the following advice for striving entrepreneurs:

  • Do your homework and do what you love
  • To be successful you need to be involved in all levels of work, from front lines to admin
  • Its all about how you ride that wave and stay positive
  • Maintain BALANCE between work, family and life.
  • Get up 100x if you have to, nothing comes easy & nothing come without work. Getting through the challenges is what makes you successful

Well done Promontory Hummingbird Childcare Centre!