Mistakes Other Entrepreneurs Have Made

Starting a business is equivalent to taking a leap of faith unless one has a plan, but just having an idea is not enough. One needs the self-discipline to follow through with the project and not vary from it. The startup at first can seem not as glamorous as one visualized, but to be successful one only needs to submit themselves to the process that lay ahead of them. Just stick to the plan and one day, one will enjoy the spoils of their labor.

Staying up to date on the mistakes made by other entrepreneurs can help a new entrepreneur from repeating the same ones. Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity has always said it best; insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Do not repeat mistakes others have made and hope that your results will be different from theirs. They had the best intentions and highest hopes in mind before it went south.

Here are a few suggestions to new entrepreneurs and mistakes from past ones too.


When being a new entrepreneur, one will likely find that one of the most prominent matters they will run into is money. In the case of a pre-launch, the flow of dollars can be not as steady when just starting out if none at all. Making money, and tucking it away, should be priority number one if a new entrepreneur expects to make it.

Two mindsets are seen in the industry, spend money to make money and spare the bare minimum until there is capital. If one burns to far from one side of the candle with either of these attitudes, the result, when taken to an extreme, will be harmful to the company or business. Remember the business plan, spend every dollar of startup capital as wisely as possible and investing in good people is never a bad idea. Finding the right people could prove beneficial in the long run.


The launch of a new business, company, or product can filter the field one is in with a rose-colored lens and lead them to forget about the competition. Today, it is beyond rare to think that one has no direct competition. The exception is always a product that has not hit the market or been invented yet. Once again, that is rare today so keep it on the back burner that someone, a business, or company shares the market that one has entered.


The new entrepreneurs can become so consumed with their concept, product, and big idea that they work without a plan. Many entrepreneurs are quick to set large dollar figured goal that is unrealistic for where their business is at. Strive to set reasonable goals and examine the steps to achieve or exceed those goals.


Most new entrepreneurs acquire the belief that if they build the product, the business, or company, the customers will just materialize. The vast majority of startups need to invest immensely into marketing especially if they want to compete with the competition. It is wise to survey the marketing field of competitors and see where they are spending their marketing dollars and how one can differentiate themselves.


When the product and business model is created, it is critical that one keep a customer-friendly mindset. Many new entrepreneurs become so obsessed with making money, which is entirely understandable, that they forget about business sustainability and having loyal customers who will buy long term.

Learn from others and do one’s best to not make the same mistakes.