This Marketing Masters Program combine’s education, mentorship, hands on learning and self directed projects to create a Workshop Series that will walk a small group of business owners through either creating a brand for their business or strengthening & building on their existing brand. It has been structured with busy business owners in mind to keep sessions to the point and focused on creating tangible results.

***This program is not built for businesses who already have logos that work for branding, online accounts (like Facebook and Google) or moderate levels of branding already in place. This covers the very basics and does not get into intermediate marketing. You may request to attend pending available space but the course will likely be too basic and repetitive for you***

Throughout the program participants will be introduced to the importance of creating a strong brand, marketing best practices, and complete specific marketing projects to build a stand out brand for their business.

The expected outcomes for this series are as follows:

  • a clear Business Name
  • concise business description
  • Brand colour scheme
  • Logo
  • Business Cards (designed & printed)
  • Business stationary(designed & printed)
  • An online presence (Google, Facebook, etc)
  • A printed information (a brochure, menu, or services list, etc)
  • Skills to develop more resources & marketing
  • A website
  • Skills to do their own website maintenance in the future

Weekend 1:

Saturday October 26, 2019

Weekend 2:

Saturday November 2, 2019

Weekend 3:

Saturday November 23, 2019

Weekend 4:

Saturday November 30, 2019

Weekend 5:

Saturday December 7, 2019

Weekend 6:

Saturday December 14, 2019

9 am – 4 pm

Port Alberni, BC

Exact location to be confirmed.

Marketing Masters Application Fall 2019

Marketing Masters Application Fall 2019

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Due to the funding source for this program there are restrictions on enrollment. Please select the

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Confirmation of Participation

I am committed to attending this program and have made it a priority in my schedule. I understand that if I cancel on short notice or do not show up for workshops that I risk my opportunity to participate in future workshops. We understand unique situations arise, but please contact us if something arises.