Making Memories on an Action Packed Adventure

Love and passion for the water are sometimes all it takes to give birth to business. At least, that’s how it transpired for Carla Halvorsen, owner of Action Packed Charters located in Port Alberni.

Yes, one can charter an action packed adventure.

How is it Action Packed Charters came to be?

From a love of the ocean of course.

“I love being on the water and traveling on the water (it relaxes me), and I know the needs of different groups of people that would also like to travel by boat on the ocean or lakes. We had always dreamed together as a family of skippers of the possibility that one of us would just start up our own boat charter company that would meet the needs of all sorts of different groups and people. Finally, I had decided to take a chance and start up my own boat chartering company.” Carla Halvorsen said.

What motivates a person to run a boat chartering company?

“I would say that the ability to provide water transportation is exciting to me and this company motivates me to connect with my creative side in order to come up with some fun adventurous ideas that Action Packed Charters could tap into such as packages with other companies in the future in order to create some positive relationships in our community,” Carla said.

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Carla is a hard-working member of her community, and she works two jobs. One as a law clerk/register for the Uchucklesaht Tribe and the other operating a charter boat company. Challenging herself and keeping herself busy makes her happy.

“I think it is important to live your life in a way that makes you excited for each day’s adventure.”

How did this charter service come to be?

“My service came to be with the help of Denise up at NEDC. She was amazing and helped me through the whole process. She is amazing at her job, and I really do appreciate all that she did for me and steering me in the right directions business wise.” Carla said.

A lot of times for dreams to come true all we truly need is guidance and direction.

 “My charter business started as an idea for years, but Denise helped guide me to making my dream become a reality.”

What keeps a customer coming back to this business and service?

“I think my customers keep coming back and spreading the word because of their great and unique experiences on the water.”

How do the great and unique experiences on the water make the customer feel?

“My services make my customers feel happy, relaxed and excited. We are open to all sorts of Action Packed Adventures that suit the customer needs.”fishing charter vancouver island

An ideal customer through the eyes of the business owner, Carla, would be one that listens to the skipper when on board the boat.

It’s special for Carla to operate between Port Alberni and Kildonan because she grew up on those waters. She has a rich history and knowledge of the different areas and points of the ocean there.

“There is always a fun memory of certain locations on those waters. It is special to me to be able to provide these fun adventures that come with a little history of the area.”

At this time, Action Packed Charters usually leaves from Port Alberni. They’ve had charters out towards Bamfield, Ucluelet, Effingham, Vernon Bay, Kildonan, Poet’s Nook and at the local lakes (Sprout Lake and Great Central Lake).

A little-known thing about Action Packed Charters a person should know is they provide a boating service that will be unique to your needs.

“You need to know you are allowed to be creative, and we will work with your ideas in order to make your Action-Packed Adventure one to remember. Allow us to help you tap into your creative side.”

Action Packed Charters is all about making memorable adventures; memories that are unforgettable and stick with you like a photograph on the refrigerator.

For more information or to contact Action Packed Charters visit them on their Facebook page at