From a Laptop Webcam to Video Production as a Videographer

Armed with nothing more than willingness, passion and a laptop with a webcam on it, Kayla McDonald started growing her video production skills and her career as a videographer. Kayla McDonald Video Productions is now her business which is based out of the Comox Valley, in British Columbia.

Where does a Video production company start? How does it come to be?

“Well, I first started it in 2013. I originally wanted to start photography, and then it wasn’t financially do-able at the time. So, I decided why not try video because before then, back in 2007, I use to run around with a laptop that had  a webcam on it. I went around and filmed my friends with that, and my parents got upset with me that I was doing that. So, they got me my first camcorder, and I used that to film trips to Vancouver or wherever we were going, and it was fun.” Kayla McDonald said.

What’s the motivating force driving this young entrepreneur forward and bringing her to work every day? Well, maybe it’s not actual work for her.

One has to love the cliché if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life, and that is the case for Kayla. She’s found what she loves; ergo she never actually goes to work.

“The fact that I get to be with my friends and do my job at the exact same time. My job is a lot of fun because I get to go to a lot of events for free while I film, so it’s a lot of fun.”

What a concept, getting paid to have fun and attend community events but covering local events in the Comox Valley area isn’t all that Kayla does. A big part of Kayla’s business is social media management.

That’s right, managing the Facebook pages and Twitter accounts of local businesses. And yes, you can make money doing that.

What are people saying about Kayla on her Facebook page?

Facebook her and find out, what a person will see right off the bat is that she has a great five-star rating with excellent well-written reviews, twenty-two of the to be exact.

What keeps the customers coming back?

“I think it’s just because of my personality and my background story of being legally blind because the other videographers here in the Comox Valley don’t have that story. Which is a step up for me because that makes my business unique from the rest.” Kayla said.

It’s a story of a community supporting one of their own, Kayla being from the Comox Valley.

videographer port alberniHow does Kayla’s service make her customers feel?

“My services make my customers feel happy.”

“The fact that they get to walk away with a video of their business that they can proudly show off,” Kayla said.

The ideal customer for Kayla is local businesses in the Comox Valley, Nanaimo, and Campbell River areas and nonprofit organizations.

Her core values, “ waking up and being able to enjoy time with my family and with my friends because I look at my life as a pie chart and if your pie chart isn’t in the balance, with work, family, friends, and just downtime then you really just got to take a step back and look at all those, and make sure they’re all in balance because if they’re not, it can get pretty messy in life.”

Where’s the business going?

Kayla says she’d like to see her business expand out of the Comox Valley, but for now, she is just enjoying working in her community.

What’s special about Kayla’s business?

It came to be as a direct result of not letting her vision impairment hold her back from enjoying what she loves to do.

Kayla can be looked at as a beacon of hope for entrepreneurs with physical disabilities.

For more information you can visit Kaylas’ website at