Governance & Wealth Creation with Dr. Manley Begay

On Saturday November 16th, 2019 the NEDC hosted Dr Manley Begay to share his knowledge on the topic of Governance and Wealth Creation for First Nations communities. His presentation and decades of experience focus on the questions, “Why are some Nations economically successful while others struggle to succeed?”

Dr. Begay breaks this complex questions into five well thought out categories that he has observed as being required for Nations to thrive. These categories include:

  1. The “Jurisdiction / Sovereignty / Self-Rule” Attitude
  2. Having Capable Governing Institutions
  3. Finding a Cultural Match
  4. Setting a Strategic Orientation
  5. Strong Leadership

Some other topics that were covered within those 5 categories included:

  • Statistics & Stories – A look at the current situation of most Nations vs the success of some model Nations
  • Having a Vision
  • The Nation Building (or Re-Building) Approach
  • Structuring “Capable Governing Institutions”
  • Maintaining a “Separation of Powers” with “Checks & Balances”
  • Many great case studies and real life examples
  • Dependent economies vs productive economies
  • Cultural Match: Nation owned vs Citizen owned businesses
  • Separating politics from business
  • “Rules are more important that resources”
  • and many more informative lessons and examples

In a series of 10 videos Dr Begay reviews these topics and shares many stories of successes and challenges to help Nations see what has and what has not worked for other communities. These stories help emphasize the importance of Dr Begay’s models and how when it is applied it can lead to huge successes.

To view these videos and access the PowerPoint handouts please go to