An FCF loan offers a 40% contribution to the principal of your loan as you pay it off. The lifetime maximum you can borrow is $75,000 plus the administration fee (1.5%).

The terms of this loan are as follows:

  • Borrow up to $76,125.00 (including borrows fee below)
  • A 1.5% borrowers fee applies for business client care services.
  • Flexible amortization terms (2-10 years) – must make sense for the business
  • Flexible payment terms: Semi-monthly, Monthly, Semi-Annual and Annual payment terms available – must make sense for the business
  • 12% fixed rate of interest
  • Businesses must be at least 51% Aboriginal owned/ operated.
  • 10% minimum equity required
  • Every time 15% of the loan principle is paid off, a contribution of 10% of the principle is applied to the loan.