Client Profile: Billybeauty MKTG

Owner: Natasha Dennis – Tseshaht First Nation

Natasha started Billybeauty MKTG with the help over her husband, Bill Dennis, in August of 2020.  The couple is from Tseshaht & Ahousaht First Nations, respectively.  The couple currently operate the business with the help from their oldest son, Vanderlyn Dennis.

About the Business:

We are a small custom print shop located out of our own home.  Starting this business was sort of a serendipity for us.  With equipment passed down from my father Aaron Angeli, it rekindled the creative side of me & when started posting my creations online it sort of took off like wildfire, I didn’t hesitate one bit to apply for a business license and see where I could take this (WHEW! Lots to learn about starting a business from scratch!)

We started out with second hand equipment, about 10 T-shirts in our inventory and our first roll of vinyl (which turned out to be the completely wrong kind in hindsight) but looking back to where we started & looking at where we are now, I can’t thank NEDC enough for the support they provide for our people.  So far, we have worked with six different nation’s, two schools, a great amount of businesses and organizations locally and up & down Vancouver Island.  Custom orders have not slowed since we started and moving some business to Etsy gave us the ability to ship our creations worldwide & get our designs out there.

Most proud of successes & best thing about our business:

The best part about all of this is our return customer base.  We feel very proud of the quality of work we have earned over time & the amount of love and support we receive from our community & different people all around the world who have discovered us.  Having our own designs is on thing. Having people trust us with their own design is another.

Grateful/ Value / Appreciate:

I will always be extremely grateful for each and every person who has supported us through this journey.  It has not been easy but that is what makes it great! I am endlessly grateful for my husband’s patience through all of this.  He has been my rock through it all and I can’t thank him enough!

Advice you to aspiring entrepreneurs:

If it feels right, if it’s a dream, GO FOR IT.  DON’T WAIT.  There will never be a “right time” so start NOW because life is too short and you can do so much more!  Though keep in mind, it will not be easy.  But one thing at a time, one day at time and you can get passed any hurdles and overcome any obstacles.  The support is out there if you just start looking and YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO.