Business Workshops 2019

The 2019 Workshop Series offers 3 mini series in a range of business topics. You can sign up for any combination of workshops that you choose and do not need to sign up for the whole series. One registration gives you access to all workshops. If you wish to add or remove workshops you do not need to create a new application, you can just contact us and we will update your form.

Topics and dates are listed in the images below. Descriptions of each workshop can be found at the bottom of the page below the registration form.

WEEKEND WORKSHOPS are full day from 9 am – 4 pm

WEEKDAY WORKSHOPS are half day in the evening from 5:30-8:30

Please contact Caledonia at NEDC at 250-724-3131 if you have any question or would like help registering. Scroll down this page for self-registration to confirm you seat. Space is limited for many of the workshops so register to save a space.


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Hiring Help Workshops

The Hiring Process

The Hiring Process is a workshop that reviews and highlights some of the key steps to successfully hiring, selecting, orientating and releasing staff members. While you can hire who ever you wish, this workshops will give insight into the tips and tricks long time business owners find useful for successfully adding team members to their business.

Contracts & Obligations

There are many different types of contracts and agreements you will face as a business owners. This session is presented by a business lawyer and will help you understand the different types of contacts, what is needed for a secure contract, and when you should seek professional advice for contracts. Plenty of time will be included for questions after the presentation about contracts and obligations.

HR Law & Regulations

Hiring and managing staff comes with a number of rules and regulations that you must know to keep yourself, your business and your employees safe. Get an introduction to some of these key rules and regulation, learn about where to access more information, and get informed. If you are thinking about hiring or have already hired, this workshop will be a great fit for you and your business.

Money Skills for Business

Cashflow: Money when you need it

Cashflow is an important aspect of managing any business. Managing your cashflow well ensures your business has money when it needs money. It can help you plan for seasonal variation and to be sure you can pay those annual insurance payments. Come out to learn about cashflow and ways you can track your money so you have money when its needed.

RECOMMENDED: If you are not very comfortable with Excel we recommend taking the Excel for Business workshop before attending Cashflow


This is a two part workshops across 1 full day. The morning starts off with information about taxation for small businesses. This covers rules for GST, taxation, and maximizing tax credits for your business. By knowing your tax rules and the opportunity for write offs for your business you can minimize your taxes and keep as much profit in your business as possible.

Part two starts after the general business taxation conversation and gets into specifc rules and implications for First Nations businesses offering goods or services on reserve and breaks down the rules for your income to be considered tax exempt. Come learn about the details and make sure your tracking your income properly.


Bookkeeping is a half day class that covers the vocabulary and process for keep good records of your businesses finances. Bookkeeping is a process for tracking and accounting for your finances. Have good bookkeeping skills will make it easier to track your income/expenses, easier (aka cheaper) for your accountant, and help you learn the basic skills needed to attend the Sage 50 or Quickbooks Course.

REQUIRED: You must attend the Bookkeeping course if you plan to attend the Sage 50 or Quickbooks class.

Sage 50 (aka Simply Accounting): Learning to use bookkeeping software

Sage 50 is a 2 day course that introduces the basics of using this bookkeeping program. Across the 2 days you will learn how to set up a new company in the program, add/customize your chart of accounts, posting incoming and out going transactions, and doing bank reconciliation. While you can track your books using excel or paper, these bookkeeping programs are specialized for business bookkeping and allow you to view various reports and summary data. Computers with the software are provided during the course and a textbook is provided for you to bring home and continue your learning or refresh your memory.

REQUIRED: You must attend the Bookkeeping course if you plan to attend the Sage 50 or Quickbooks class.

Operations Planning for Success

Office for Business

This class introduces some of Microsoft’s most popular program and in a hands on setting teaching you some tips and tricks for using them to improve your operational efficiency of your business. Programs covered include MS Word, MS Outlook, Google Docs & Google Drive.

We will be able to answer your questions and help you streamline some of your business processes using the computer.

Computers with software pre-loaded are provided for use during the class. Online versions of each software will be shown so you do not need to buy software to use the skills you will learn.

Excel for Business

Excel for Business is a workshop that teaches some of the most useful tools in a spreadsheet program and looks at some of the many ways you can use the program to improve the efficiency of you business and your life. We will go over ways to set up and develop custom spreadsheets and templates that are useful for your business and make your business life easier.

By the end of the class the goal is that you have built a custom spreadsheet to best suit your businesses needs.

Computers with software pre-loaded are provided for use during the class. Online versions of each software will be shown so you do not need to buy software to use the skills you will learn.

Workflow Management

Workflow Management looks at the best practices and systems for reviewing and planning a businesses workflow while identifying opportunities to make things more efficient and reduce unnecessary work or redundancy. This class will learn about workflow strategies and then get into reviewing your own workflow to identify opportunities to simplify your processes and work smarter, not harder.

This workshop will combine best practices with self assessment. Take some time to step back and look at your business. Lets find some ways you can save time, energy or money.