Building Our Future

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of every economy, whether it’s a skill, a product, or a service, every great entrepreneur has to start somewhere. The number of Indigenous businesses has grown steadily since 2000 and this emerging sector is well-positioned to deepen its economic footprint. The 21st Century has fostered great change when it comes to the availability of information and technology making it easier now, more than ever, for young people to pursue their career goals.

NEDC has been a cornerstone in developing and supporting young indigenous entrepreneurs, whether it’s their first time or their fifth. Cultivating an environment where people can share and grow their ideas, gain valuable skills and knowledge to be successful business owners to build a better future for everyone is at the heart of what they do.

Every year NEDC holds an annual conference based on different business and economic themes to help inspire and promote a growing indigenous economy. This year, from November 2-4 in Parksville, BC, they will be holding their annual business conference for young indigenous entrepreneurs, aptly themed, Building Our Future.

Serena Read, who is in charge of the annual event shared:

It’s always so exciting to host an event for the young indigenous people. There’s always so much energy, ideas and relationship building that happens when you bring groups of young people together. They’re so passionate and knowledgeable, and genuinely want to contribute to building the future for our communities. So I think it’s always exciting when there’s an opportunity to host an event for young people.

The event will showcase keynote speaker Kendal Netmaker who is a young, world-class, First Nations speaker and entrepreneur and has founded and invested in five businesses, and has received over 25 business awards. Kendal is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs and leaders. Proving that where you come from has nothing to do with where you’re going in life. As with any great successful entrepreneur that confidence and an unwavering belief in your vision can take you anywhere.

The fun and amazing Stan Wesley will be Emceeing the three day event, keeping everyone on their toes for the keynote and Awards Gala. The event will also showcase many different workshops where other entrepreneurs will be sharing their stories, knowledge, and best practices to participants to help inspire and encourage the journeys of those either about to embark on the path to entrepreneurship, or those who have already started and are looking for their next steps.

Many sponsors from around the community are supporting the event and anyone is welcome to contact NEDC if they’re interested in participating. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, well it also takes a community to build a better future and ensure a prosperous economy for everyone. For more information on the event, please check out: