Betty Knighton – Recipient of an NEDC Scholarship

Betty Knighton is a recent recipient of an NEDC scholarship. Betty was selected for the scholarship having just submitted for graduation for her business management certificate.

Her current major is child and youth care, and she’s entering her fourth year in September at Vancouver Island University.

How does it feel to win a scholarship?

“My reaction to winning it was just that this gift came falling from the sky and right into my lap and it was a moment of wow. Because of the way it was presented and how quickly it came it took me a minute to just appreciate how the creator works in my life. In the sense that things happen when you least expect it. I’ve worked so hard for the last three years. Like nonstop schooling for those three years. It just felt like a complete blessing to be acknowledged and recognized.”

There’s a sense of a spiritual higher power taking care of Betty she added.

Betty didn’t have much time to fill out scholarship and bursary applications and application deadlines were quickly passing. Also, due to how fast deadlines were passing by, and the workload of university, Betty didn’t have the time to get all the supporting documents together. So, to have won this award has Betty feeling like it is nothing short of a miracle.

She is the Tlu-Piich games assistant for the summer, and she’s assisting in the fundraising effort to get the Tlu-Piich games going.

Along with her children, Betty’s community is the force that drives her forward. Her ambition is to learn as much as she can and go back to her community and share the wealth of knowledge with them.

Her inspiration in life is Jaidin, her daughter, and her son Logan.

When she has time for reading outside of school she enjoys it, but as far as hobbies go, it’s pretty to hard to maintain any with such a full life. Currently, her hobby is trying to live a healthy balanced lifestyle and being creative.

Those who work hard to remain on the path, and don’t give up are not just more likely to succeed, but sometimes are more likely to be rewarded. There’s no better example of that than the story of Betty, a mother, full-time student and working full-time to support her family through the entire process.