Affirmation of the Right Path

Justyn Vissia is a recent recipient of a scholarship from the NEDC. The go-getter won the scholarship from, “doing my best, achieving good grades in my program and putting forth my best best effort.” Said Justyn.

How does it feel to win a scholarship?  

“I am very honored to have been selected to win the scholarship; it really helps me keep motivated to pursue my educational goals with support such as this scholarship.” One would say that it feels motivating and reassuring; scholarships can help student reaffirm the path they’re on.

Justyn is working hard on a bachelor of business administration with a major in marketing. The scholarship will definitely help along the way.

“I will be working full time throughout summer to save up money for my program and expensive utilities that will be required for the program, such as a laptop.” Said Justyn.

Justyn inspires to put his best effort into his work in order to achieve success.

“If you do not put in your best effort, you cannot expect the results you are striving for.”

What’s his ambition?

“My potential to further my career options is definitely one driving force, opening the world of career options I may explore is very interesting and exciting. Support in any way, including this scholarship is also very much a driving force as it is a great feeling knowing others want me to achieve success as well as myself.”

Justyn enjoys skateboarding in his spare time, going on hikes and experiencing nature in general. Yes, he’s an outdoor enthusiast, but he also enjoys taking videography and photography. Much of his spare time is filled with taking videos and photos while on his adventure, then editing them.

Being a student today is not easy, or for the faint of heart, so any help along the way goes a long way.